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About Us


Deliver to the World market the pride of salon skills and services of the Koreans.


Keeping clients, improving employee benefits, exercise corporate social responsibility, and operating in accordance with the Philippine local

and national laws.


Leading for the best and change. Produce competitive employees and exercise family management with the vision of growing together.


Mr. Jun Young Bang is a Korean businessman and entrepreneur in South Korea, well-known for being hard-working and dedicated to the industry. He started his business journey in the Philippines in 2006 and since then created a successful business empire establishing several companies

and subsidiaries with over 700 employees.

Now the Founder and CEO of Bangs Philippine Holdings Corporation, Mr. Bang owns the majority of the stocks in the company. Included in the subsidiary is Tony & Jackey Beauty Salon Corporation, which has become one of the most famous Korean salons here in the Philippines.

Later on, he expanded his business and added more subsidiaries like The Asia Bangs First Group Corporation which houses our well-known salons— Bangs Prime Salon, and T & J Salon Professionals (with the total of 63 branches and counting). In addition, to support the company, the Bangs Trading Corporation was created to focus on operating salons and selling real estate related to salon management. As well as Tony & Jackey Franchising Corporation, which provides franchisees with the opportunity to own and operate their own salon business. That aside, he has also engaged in the construction business which centers on the maintenance of buildings and facilities through Bangs Realty Corporation.

Mr. Bang also explored different types of businesses such as Digital Marketing Services handled by See Act Plan Enterprises, Inc.

With Mr. Bang’s leadership, he has been able to guide the company through turbulent times and ensure that it remains profitable and successful even in the face of adversity. His vision and dedication to excellence have enabled the company to reach new heights of success over the years while ensuring that it remains a competitive force in its industry.


Jun Young Bang
Founder & CEO
Bangs Philippine Holdings Corp

Organization Chart


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Grand Opening of T&J Malate Branch, single proprietor.



Established Tony&jackey Beauty Salon Corporation with 40% Korean & 60% Filipino ownership.

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